Network Compatible

Riva Slider is completely WordPress Network (formerly Multi-Site) compatible. Whether you have network activated it or are activating it on each site individually, there will be no problems. Each site can have its own set of slideshows, in exactly the same way a standard WordPress site can. In-fact, all functionality will function in the same format as a standard site. Perfect!


Backup Functionality

 Riva Slider comes with great backup functionality. Check out the two different kinds below.

All Settings

Via the ‘Global Settings’ menu, you can export all of your plugin settings (including slideshows) into a .txt file which your browser will download. To restore the plugin at any time, simply paste the code from this .txt file into the ‘Import’ text-box and all of the settings will be extracted from it. This even works if you import settings from a previous version of the plugin. Brilliant!

Video Support

With Riva Slider, it is easy to link an image to a video. When editing an image, you can set the “Link Image Too” option to “Video”, and an option to insert the video’s URL will appear (along with some other settings).

Riva Slider will recognize links to both YouTube and Vimeovideos. Unlike other plugins, with the Riva Slider you can insert the link used to watch a video (directly from your browsers address bar) and the plugin will extract the video from that link automatically.