Multiple Navigation Types

 Riva Slider comes with many different types of navigation options. Check them out below.

Riva Slider Pro comes with three different “Control Navigation” types; “Icons”, “Numbers” and “Thumbnails”. When using thumbnails, options will appear allowing you to control their width and height.

The “Direction Navigation” displays two arrows on the slideshows allowing users to transition between the next and previous images. These can be positioned inside or outside the slideshow. You can also choose to fade them in only when the user hovers over the slideshow, or show them permanently. When using the Riva Slider Pro, you can also avail of the “Pause Button” feature. This allows you to pause the slideshow mid-cycle, and resume it by clicking the button again. It can also be positioned in various different areas of the slideshows, such as in any of the four corners or in the center. Try it below (hover over the slideshow).

12 Beautiful Transition

With 12 beautiful transitions in the Riva Slider Pro, your visitors will definitely take notice. Our plugin’s transitions promise to be smooth and attractive. We tweak them individually to make them elegant, whilst depending on as little code as possible. This provides a lightweight, efficient approach that shows in the slideshows responsiveness and fluidity.

Check out the slideshow below. It has been set to the “Random” transition, which will randomly select a different transition each time.


Skins and Styling Panel

Riva Slider comes with lots of different styles options and possibilities. Plenty of information and explanations are provided in the documentation included with your purchase. Until then, we have highlighted the best bits.

SkinsRiva Slider comes with skinning functionality. More skins will be made available over time. You can also create your own new skins (if you know how to style using CSS). If not, check out the section below.

 Riva Slider Pro comes with a custom “Styling” panel that allows you to effortlessly customize the look of your slideshow. Use the various options to edit specific areas of the slideshow and tailor them to your desire. No need to touch any code at all.

Click the image to the right to view a screenshot.


Unlimited Slideshows


Unlimited SlideshowsNo limits,Just Fuss! 

With the Riva Slider Pro, you can have an infinite amount of slideshows, all with their own independent images, settings and styling. Each slideshow can also have an unlimited amount of images.

  1. The “Manage Slideshows” options panel allows you to create, duplicate and delete slideshows in the same way you would with posts/pages. The interface is designed to blend seamlessly with the WordPress admin interface. This means you will already be familiar with the Riva Slider’s interface before you’ve even started using it. Check out the Graphical User Interface for more information.

Graphical User Interface

Riva Slider comes with plenty of different features to make creating the perfect slideshow easierthan any other plugin. Check out some of the important features below, along with the links on the right.

Riva Slider comes with a unique slideshow editing interface (known as the “Slideshow Editor”) that allows you to graphically manage your slideshows images. Click an image to show its various options. Quickly link the image to another webpage, a YouTube/Vimeo video, add a title & text, and much more. Drag and drop the images to re-order them. It really couldn’t be easier.

When activated, Riva Slider will add an extra media panel to the WordPress Media Uploader. This panel will display all of the images you have uploaded to your WordPress site. Clicking the “Use this Image” button will instantly add that image to the slideshow.