Riva Slider comes with many different types of navigation options. Check them out below.

Riva Slider Pro comes with three different “Control Navigation” types; “Icons”, “Numbers” and “Thumbnails”. When using thumbnails, options will appear allowing you to control their width and height.

The “Direction Navigation” displays two arrows on the slideshows allowing users to transition between the next and previous images. These can be positioned inside or outside the slideshow. You can also choose to fade them in only when the user hovers over the slideshow, or show them permanently. When using the Riva Slider Pro, you can also avail of the “Pause Button” feature. This allows you to pause the slideshow mid-cycle, and resume it by clicking the button again. It can also be positioned in various different areas of the slideshows, such as in any of the four corners or in the center. Try it below (hover over the slideshow).