Graphical User Interface

Riva Slider comes with plenty of different features to make creating the perfect slideshow easierthan any other plugin. Check out some of the important features below, along with the links on the right.

Riva Slider comes with a unique slideshow editing interface (known as the “Slideshow Editor”) that allows you to graphically manage your slideshows images. Click an image to show its various options. Quickly link the image to another webpage, a YouTube/Vimeo video, add a title & text, and much more. Drag and drop the images to re-order them. It really couldn’t be easier.

When activated, Riva Slider will add an extra media panel to the WordPress Media Uploader. This panel will display all of the images you have uploaded to your WordPress site. Clicking the “Use this Image” button will instantly add that image to the slideshow.


Welcome to the Demo

Welcome to our demo page. Here you can test the Riva Slider Pro before you decide to purchase. Take some time to get a feel for things and see how the interface works.


We have setup a few slideshows, each with various different settings, for you look around at. Be sure to check out different “Slideshow Editor” panels.

Notice: Some of the functionality has been disabled in this demo. You will be able to edit each slideshow, but you won’t be able to actually save the changes you make, create slideshows, delete or duplicate them, etc.

If you have any pre-sales questions or general enquiries, let us know via our Support Page. We will get back to you as soon as we can.