Riva Slider comes with many great features. Too many to name in fact, but we have managed to choose the best bits. Check them out below



Managing your slideshow is designed to be quick and simple. All options are laid out within tabs, clutter free and easy to find. No coding knowledge is needed.



Unlike other slideshow plugins, with the Riva Slider Pro you can have an unlimited amount of slideshows. Each slideshow can also have and unlimited amount of images. Simple as that.



videosupportLink your images to YouTube & Vimeo videos. These images will display a play button on them, which will display the video when clicked. Adding a video also couldn’t be easier, as explained in our documentation.




Take advantage of the “Styling” options panel that allows you to change you slideshows skin, or choose “Custom” to customize it from within the plugin. No need to touch any code.



With so many unique transitions to choose from, Riva Slider will really ‘wow’ your guests. From the simple “Slide” transition, to the complex, yet elegant “Blinds” and “Cubes” based transitions.



Riva Slider comes with various different navigation styles, including “thumbnails” in the “Pro” version. Manage what icons you wish to include & exclude via the “Navigation” options panel.




imagefrompostsWith Riva Slider you can also source your slideshows images from posts. Each post has a custom metabox that allows you to set an image to be displayed in certain slideshows.





widget_bubbleRiva Slider allows you to easily display a slideshow using a widget. Great for widgetized themes, or displaying slideshows in sidebars.



backupfunctionalityRiva Slider comes with great backup functionality. You can backup all of your settings, or just a slideshow. Quickly import the settings to restore the plugin or slideshow. Simple!




networkRiva Slider is completely WordPress Network compatible. Run it network activated or individually through your sub-domain WordPress sites. No fuss, no hassle.



We are committed to sorting out any issue you may be having with the plugin. We understand that not every WordPress setup is the same, and we are here to help you every step of the way until it works, guaranteed!